Exit Survey
Dear Stakeholder:

The Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF) is a Ministerial-level international climate change initiative that is focused on the development of improved cost-effective technologies for the separation and capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) for its transport and long-term safe storage. The mission of the CSLF is to facilitate the development and deployment of such technologies via collaborative efforts that address key technical, economic, and environmental obstacles. 

The CSLF recognizes that stakeholders – those organizations that are affected by, and can affect, the goals of the CSLF – form an essential component of CSLF activities. The secretariat seeks to increase stakeholder outreach and engagement to align the CSLF message- a unified CCS/CCUS* message- alongside other voices in the industry. To this end, the secretariat has revitalized the CSLF’s model in engaging stakeholder communities and gathering contributions. In this new model, CSLF is conducting regional meetings before Ministerial CSLF Meeting in 2017 in the following four regions:1) Americas, 2) Europe, 3) Asia/Pacific, 4) Middle East/Africa. Regional actions will be spearheaded by their champion, who understands the individual communities and significant hurdles within each region. 

In addition, the secretariat has decided to disseminate this survey to understand baseline perspectives and develop a mechanism to deploy a new regional approach. These results will remain anonymous and will be reported collectively. This survey will ensure a transparent, equal mechanism for all stakeholders to engage with the CSLF. We value every stakeholder's feedback and appreciate your participation. An anonymous summary of the outcomes of the stakeholder meetings and surveys will be made public through the CSLF website.

*Throughout this survey CCS/CCUS will refer to carbon, capture, and storage/carbon capture, utilization, and storage as one or the other may be more relevant to your region.

If there are questions that do not pertain to your region/expertise please choose: "no opinion."

Section 1: CSLF questions
How often do you attend CSLF events, such as annual meetings? Please select from the drop down box below. 
 Which topics are you or your organization most interested in addressing at a regional event:
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How often should the CSLF hold stakeholder events?
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What specific areas of interest can the CSLF improve involvement within? Please include any particular actions CSLF you would suggest.